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Narcos Withdrawal?

Narcos is about as addictive as,  well,  pure Colombian cocaine. If you’ve already finished all ten hours of the new season and you’re lying in bed, itching for another fix and debating stealing from your friends and loved ones to foot the bill for an Amazon Prime membership in the vague hope that they have some sort of Narcos derivative, then let me facilitate. Whether its the excitement and exhilaration of Narcos’ criminal dealings, the anything can happen rush of spending time with Mr Escobar or simply the heat of Latin America that means you’re not ready to go cold turkey, then let me find you your next fix.

Here’s five films to hit that Narcos spot.


Shorts Pick ‘N’ Mix

Shorts are a brilliant way to squeeze more variety into your cinema diet. They can make you laugh, cry and rethink your life in ten minutes – just like a well assembled bag of sugary stuff. So click here for a list of five great shorts, and a host of other suggestions to make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Unlikely Netflix Gold

Netflix is so rammed with films that finding a stunner, amongst the flowing tides of thumbnails, the bafflingly off the mark star ratings and the unrevealing (strangely sassy) two line descriptions, can be difficult. And sometimes that means it’s easy for a great film to be written off as just another random, bungled two hour piece of video footage parading as a film so that Netflix can advertise 3169 titles on their service.

Here’s FIVE great films that look awful at a Netflix glance…

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